Advanced Perimeter Security Systems

VIPER - Advanced Perimeter Security System

VIPER – Advanced Perimeter Security System

The Viper, a new generation security system, is the company’s core platform solution and transforms any existing type of fence into an electronic barrier with the best detection resolution of approximately 10 meters. Vibration sensors and electronic controllers are installed onto existing infrastructures providing the most comprehensive intrusion detection system available.

Simple to operate and maintain, the Viper system is comprised of rugged sensor units, electronic controllers, communication lines and control center software. The rugged sensors has an exceptionally long life expectancy and are capable of enduring extreme environmental conditions. Communication options include optic fiber, copper wire or wireless depending on the specific application. The control center software is intuitive allowing personnel to easily monitor and respond to ‘events’. The software employs special software algorithms to reduce false-alarms.

The Viper system can be further enhanced through the integration of a range of other security systems including IR sensors, CCTV, PTZ cameras, access control systems, VMD solutions, as well as communication systems. The Viper is operational in multiple locations and has been recognized and approved by the Israeli Army Technological unit for the protection of national borders, extensive military bases or large civil sites.


• Can be installed on any type of existing fence

• Operating temperature range between -45°c and +70°c

• Highest detection rate & best resolution detection of +/- 10 meters

• Maximum performance with minimum electronic elements

• Very Low false-alarm rate due to a special software algorithm

• Long life sensor units immune to extreme environmental conditions

• All weather operation with lighting protection

• User friendly Interface, easy to install and maintain • Easily integrates with other security systems such as IR sensors, CCTV, PTZ cameras, access control systems, VMD solutions, wireless communication systems

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