Advanced Perimeter Security Systems


The Integer is El-Fars’ site management and control integrated software with decision making support. Based on a client/server model, the network software enables first-rate security site management for a wide variety of applications.

The software’s intuitive design enables quick training for personnel as well as easy on-screen instructions and response options. The Integer adheres to strict security protocols for multiple rank operations. All operational activities are archived and monitoring and response reports quickly generated on request. The system can be integrated into existing systems to complement existing infrastructures.

A standard graphic user interface includes the site perimeter layout, over-laid on an area map/aerial photo showing access points. The graphic interface indicates ‘events’ on the map and records the events. The level and type of response to events can be tailored to suit every scenario.    

With all the relevant information available, personnel are empowered to make quicker and wiser decisions.


  • Fully customizable site management and control solution.
  • Intuitive design enables short training time for personnel.
  • System records all ‘events’ and responses for analysis.
  • Software integrates into existing systems.
  • Flexible architecture permits multiple data inputs such as cameras and other sensors.