Advanced Perimeter Security Systems


El-Fars’ integrated systems provide intrusion detection, identification and recognition solutions that suit every application. A range of products are available to further enhance the capabilities of the existing or new system. These include:

Video recording, analytics and management – Wide range of intelligent video surveillance systems to heighten detection capabilities and observation.

Access Control – Plug ‘n play solution for new and existing systems including fingerprint and facial recognition biometrics and license plate recognition to enhance access security.

Radar – Designed to secure entire site, the radar is compact, lightweight, reliable and cost effective, and operates day and night under all weather conditions.

Water Conduit Protection System – Effective intrusion detection system for water pipes, canals, etc. Fully operative in a wide range of temperatures and effective when fully submerged under water.

Hydraulic Barriers and Gates –Specifically designed for traffic management, hydraulic barriers and gates effectively control access to premises

Perimeter Infrastructure – El-Far offers a wide range of perimeter infrastructure including fences, gates, and electronic barriers.