Advanced Perimeter Security Systems

Holding Facilities & Prisons

The Situation
Unlike airports, seaports and utilities which need security to keep bad guys out, prisons and holding facilities require security measures to keep bad guys in. For this reason, prisons face challenges that are wholly unique. Often encompassing large areas, prisons employ multi-layered security protocols, including inner and outer perimeter fences.

The Challenge
Perimeter fences in many prisons and holding facilities are ineffective when it comes to stopping inmates from attempting to escape. It is the guards who monitor and patrol the perimeter fences that make the fences effective. With prison populations growing in many countries, authorities are faced with increasing costs and responsibility. Many authorities are realizing that they need to implement intelligent security systems that increase the security levels and simultaneously reduce the monitoring costs.     

The Solution
El Far’s solution for Prisons and holding facilities is a viable solution(link to products) as it is applied to the existing security infrastructure without the need for any costly changes. As well as being time and cost effective, the existing barriers are enhanced and provide an improved level of protection. Implementation as well as intuitive operation makes the El Far solution highly suited to handle the massive task facing holding facilities and prisons in facing the task of an ever increasing inmate population.