Advanced Perimeter Security Systems

Critical Infrastructure

The Situation
With the increase in terrorism world-wide and in particular since 9-11, there is a growing awareness of the importance of protecting critical infrastructure sites. In many countries, legislation is being adopted that makes it illegal for critical infrastructure sites to be insufficiently protected. In the USA for example, the Critical Infrastructures Protection Act of 2001 has legislated that there must be adequate security protecting the ‘network of critical physical and information infrastructures, including telecommunications, energy, financial services, water, and transportation sectors’. The existing security at many of these critical infrastructure sites requires upgrading to meet the growing global threat.   

The Challenge
Protecting critical infrastructure sites is a massive task involving multiple layers of defensive security measures. The first level of defense is physical barriers such as fences, walls, locks etc. Keeping undesirables out of critical infrastructure sites is the primary challenge and requires advanced systems that prevent and also register unauthorized access.

The Solution
El Far’s solution for critical infrastructure protection is ideal as the solution(link to products) is applied to the existing security infrastructure without the need for any costly changes to be made. As well as being time and cost effective, the existing barriers are enhanced and provide an improved level of protection. Rapid critical infrastructure site implementation as well as intuitive operation makes the El Far solution highly suited to handle the massive task facing governments and companies in dealing with present and future security challenges.