Advanced Perimeter Security Systems


The Situation
Military bases and airfields, whether situated abroad or at home, are key targets for terrorist attacks and require optimum protection. Military physical assets can be grouped into three general categories and include permanent bases, staging bases and temporary (forward) bases. Perimeter security traditionally has been handled mainly by military personnel working shifts and patrols that monitor access points and periodically inspect perimeters.

The Challenge
Permanent bases have existing fences and barriers that require constant guarding and regular inspections. Staging and temporary bases face a greater challenge in that they are responsible for monitoring their temporary perimeters in hostile environments while continuing operations. National military budgets put pressure on military organizations to improve perimeter security while reducing costs and personnel. The logistical challenge of reducing manned guard posts and the number of perimeter patrols is a main challenge that needs to be addressed.

The Solution
El Far’s solution for military base protection is ideal as the solution(link to products) may be applied to the existing security infrastructure without the need for any costly additions. Even when it comes to temporary perimeter deployment, the system is time and cost effective, providing an improved level of protection. Rapid military implementation is essential for forward bases in hostile environments to establish a comprehensive security perimeter quickly. The intuitive operation of the El Far solution makes it highly suited to the military infrastructure as it requires little training and can be rapidly adopted by personnel. Securing military assets is crucial when facing the present and future security challenges.