Advanced Perimeter Security Systems


The Situation
Commercial properties, no matter what size, are prime targets for theft and vandalism. Major businesses expend massive annual budgets to ensure that production levels are maintained, and that their assets are secure. The first line of defense in protecting commercial sites and personnel is perimeter security and access control. Commercial security systems have to be reliable, cost effective and flexible enough to protect a wide variety of business assets such as factories, machine plants, store rooms, sales venues or personnel offices.  

The Challenge
Most business premises are already fitted with the traditional perimeter fences and barriers to deter and prevent theft and vandalism. The cost of monitoring these perimeters is viewed by most businesses as an unwelcome operating cost. As in any business, the main motivation is the improve profits. Investing in intelligent security systems that reduce security costs, but improve the effectiveness of security teams, is a realistic option for many commercial enterprises.  

The Solution
El Far’s solution for commercial properties protection is ideal as the solution(link to products) is applied to the existing security infrastructure without the need for any costly changes to be made. The solution goes beyond being cost effective as it enhances the existing barriers and provides an improved level of protection. Better security and lower running costs appeal to enterprises that are fighting to keep their operational costs down while facing the present and future security challenges.