Advanced Perimeter Security Systems

Condor - IR & Microwave Solution

The Condor solution from El-Far combines IR and Microwave technology in a single soltution and provides an invisible protection wall along an open area, building wall or fence. Implementing the Condor solution with El-Far’s s central command and control system significantly elevates the site’s protection level by creating a complex barrier in which both technologies operate concurrently. The system, using a proprietary algorithm, ensures a very high detection rate with very low false alarm rates.

The Condor is made up of a pair of columns (TX and RX) in which both technologies are combined in a single unit.

The solution can be used in conjunction with other smart sensors to provide multi-layered protection and deliver data fusion providing the ultimate security solution.

Features & Benefits

  •      Dual technology
  •      Selectable IR detection sensitivity
  •      Selectable Microwave detection sensitivity
  •      Selectable detection technology combination
  •      Highest probability of detection
  •      Unique algorithms ensure lowest false alarm rate
  •       Weatherproof casing
  •       Auto temperature compensation
  •       Dry contact out put interface.
  •       Multiple applications
  •       Multiple ranges
  •       Simple and easy to install and maintain

Please find our CONDOR brochure bellow for more information