Advanced Perimeter Security Systems

Hydros - Water Monitoring Sensor


El-Far’s Hydros Sensor is a sealed water monitoring sensor that detects water levels at any location under any condition and provides alerts should the water level exceed or drop below a predetermined level. The sensor provides a warning for floods or drops in water level, allowing the authorities to react accordingly. The sensor can be deployed both as a stand-alone device and as a component of a larger system. There are numerous options for sending an alert such as notifying a control room and sending an SMS to a mobile phone among others. 

The Hydros from El-Far is a water detection sensor that can be utilized in a wide variety of applications including the detection of flooding in critical locations such as warehouses, commercial properties and computer rooms and the monitoring of water levels of rivers, dams and streams among others.

The solution can be used in conjunction with other smart sensors to provide multi-layered protection and deliver data fusion providing the ultimate security solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be installed on any type of existing infrastructure
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Low false alarm rates
  • Dry contact interface
  • Live video on the alarm location
  • Compact, rugged design for easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance and care
  • Submersible sensor and cable (remote unit)
  • Sensitivity level can be modified according to need and customer requirements

Please find our Hydros brochure bellow for more information