Advanced Perimeter Security Systems

Company Profile

 El-Far Electronics Systems is a global company that develops and produces advanced perimeter security technologies and delivers integrated solutions that meet the full spectrum of security challenges found at military and civilian facilities around the world. The company’s field-proven solutions incorporate all facets of intruder detection, recognition and perimeter protection technologies.

The company, founded and managed by a team of Israeli defense community veterans, has established a reputation for reliable, accurate, easy-to-operate and cost effective solutions. Backed by a development team of leading security system engineers, El-Far delivers a full range of professional services and technological solutions for the design and implementation of perimeter protection projects.

In 2003, El-Far’s system was authorized by the Israeli Defense Force’s Technological Unit, having undergone rigorous testing in radical environmental conditions and severe operational scenarios. Today, the system is successfully deployed in a multitude of projects around the world.

El-Far is committed to the continued improvement and development of cutting edge solutions to provide customers with a wide variety of security products and advanced technological solutions to meet their evolving needs.

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