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Automated Response

EL-FAR meets rising needs for efficient yet faster response, offering automated tools to significantly shorten reaction time and enhance event monitoring.


These solutions include automatic dispatch of security drones upon alarm and ongoing target tracking at the event location. On the other hand, they offer protection against hostile drones: Anti-drone solutions to detect & neutralize most drone types by jamming their communication and/or taking over their controls, video transmission and geolocation. These solutions provide the operator with automated response to real-time events, deploying robotic patrol tools and monitoring the event from the first second, until the security personnel arrive on scene.

  • Automatic activation of drones upon alert – first responder, ongoing target tracking, continuous monitoring of the event

  • Synchronized operation between the alert system and response drones, geoposition according to GIS maps

  • Anti-drone platform detects & neutralizes most drone types – jamming and/or taking over controls

Sectors & Applications

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