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Seismic Underground Detection System

The ultimate underground detection technology – A reliable solution for detection of underground intrusion or escape scenarios, including digging under the fence, approaching vehicles, heavy machinery at work, as well as any damage, cut or short in the sensor line or cabling. The TERRASENS system is currently in use in variable applications ranging from border and critical infrastructure security to customized adaptive seismic systems for vehicle and ammunition depot protection. The TERRASENS uses proprietary seismic geoponic sensors buried underground along the fence perimeter, connected to local interface units deployed serially along the physical barrier. 

Main Features & Benefits

  • Advanced and reliable underground detection

  • ±3-10m detection resolution with only a single controller

  • Synchronized detection and advanced analysis algorithms for nuisance event filtering

  • Easy deployment and installation

  • Low voltage system – 24-48V on DC power

  • Immune to extreme weather conditions and environmental factors – Officially certified by the highest military standards

  • Unique seismic activity analysis on the InSite site management software application



Critical Infrastructure

  • Gas Network Substations & Storage Facilities

  • Oil farms & Refineries

  • Solar Farms


  • Prisons

  • Borders

  • Military Bases &          Ammunition Depots

  • Confidential & Sensitive Sites    


  • BTS & Antenna Sites

  • VIP Residences  &      Condominiums

  • HQs & Institutions

TERRASENS Systems Deployed in Various Sites  

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