Remote Sites Protection

The ideal solution for a network of small remote unmanned sites scattered on a large scale – a Plug & Play system with a perimeter sensor line and I/O camera interface for efficient camera-sensor interaction and real-time alert on security breach. Events are reported to the remote C&C center for immediate dispatch of a dedicated regional security team and continuous monitoring of the event.


The remote site protection solution is currently used to secure a wide variety of applications, such as BTS and antennas, radar and observation towers, PRMS and distribution substations of LNG networks, wind towers and solar stations, heavy machinery compounds
and more.

  • Each site in the network is equipped with a simple protection kit: One Controller and One sensor line, several fixed / PTZ cameras, secured access gate, siren / lights etc.

  • Synchronized operation between the interfaced devices

  • Entire site installed in a single day’s work – Simple installation, zero maintenance, durable & modular solution

  • Certified immunity to extreme weather conditions and environmental factors – complies with the highest military grade standards

  • Additional ATEX level certification (optional) – Unique intrinsically safe configuration for application in highly volatile environment and hazardous areas

  • Multiple sites managed from a unified remote C&C Center by the InSite PSIM software

Sectors & Applications

BTS and antennas

Radar and

observation towers

PRMS and distribution substations of LNG networks

SCADA & Valve stations

Wind towers

Solar stations

Heavy machinery compounds


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