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Electric Power Fence System

The most elegant solution in non-lethal power fencing, without compromising on shock efficiency – The POWER-SENS system provides deterrence, detection and alert of intrusion attempts along the perimeter, with complete compatibility and control by the InSite site management software application. The system administers a non-lethal shock of approx. 7,000V when triggered, using an array of high-voltage wires on elegant supporters. Daytime neutralization of the high-voltage (only alarm is active) and low amperage ensures safety of use for non-intruders.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Top Materials – zinc dipped steel profiles and wires, fiberglass enforced polyester, high grade plastic insulators, dual tension springs.

  • High Versatility – customized solutions to any need, matching any physical barrier, covering different gate types and openings.

  • TUV Certified, compatible with EN-IEC 60335-2-76:2005/A11:2008 for use under environmental conditions, operational scenarios and safety regulations.

  • Passive daytime operation – safe for use in urban environment, only inducing alarms during the day and fully active at night.

  • Energizer per zone, synchronized operation, pre-alarm notification for fence maintenance (growing grass or present debris) and additional tools for the operator.

  • Completely managed by the InSite site management software application




  • Airports & Airfields

  • Marine Ports

  • Railway & Train Stations

  • Parking Lots

Critical Infrastructure

  • Gas Network Substations & Storage Facilities

  • Oil farms & Refineries

  • Electric Power Stations

  • Water Recycle Facilities

  • Solar Farms


  • Prisons

  • Borders

  • Military Bases & Ammunition Depots   

  • Mega Events


  • BTS & Antenna Sites

  • VIP Residences  &      Condominiums

  • Industrial Parks & Logistic Centers

  • HQs & Institutions

POWER-SENS Systems Deployed in Various Sites  

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