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Rapid Deployment

The Rapid Deployment Smart Fence (RDSF) provides an elegant solution to quickly and efficiently secure temporary sites (such as military compounds, heavy machinery storages, construction sites, helipads etc., whenever a permanent physical barrier is absent or irrelevant.

The RDSF is a portable perimeter protection solution for swift and modular setup, based on a fast deployment concertina pyramid with a built-in PIDS as a Plug & Play solution. The system can be managed either locally from a control room located in a container or a small booth onsite, or from a remote C&C center, with optional integration to video surveillance and other security modules, as deemed necessary. Once mission is completed it can be easily and quickly disassembled, repacked and transported to a new location for redeployment.

  • Swift & Seamless Deployment & Relocation

  • No need for any existing infrastructure

  • Matches any site type and size

  • Modular & consistent with site procedures

  • Mobile C&C station managing all devices and sensors

  • Video Surveillance interface with the perimeter sensor system

Sectors & Applications

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