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Gates & Passage Protection​

Passage ways in the site perimeter can be weak spots in security, as they are normally considered as authorized access points (such as entrance and emergency gates) or not considered at all (such as drainage and water passages). EL-FAR applies customized solutions to each gate & passage type to maintain site integrity and alert on unauthorized crossing attempts of these critical points.


Designated gate protection kits are applied to pedestrian and vehicle gates (consisting of sensors on the gate mesh for intrusion detection when closed and magnetic contacts for indication on opening) and customized sensor grids for drainage and water passages. Each opening can be defined as an individual zone operationally on the InSite PSIM software application, ruled according to work schedule and conditioned with neighboring zones to ensure continuous smooth operation.

  • Each gate managed as an independent alarm zone

  • Sensors on the gate mesh / IR beams above gate alert on overpass attempts when the gate is closed

  • Customized ruling and conditioning for gate events according to work schedules, operational requirements ang logistical routines

Sectors & Applications

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