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Integrated Security System (ISS)

The ultimate Command & Control platform – an Integrated Security System (ISS) which provides 24/7 monitoring and real-time alert on any unauthorized access or intrusion attempts into the protected site, from private residences to airports, big or small. The ISS monitors and controls all security subsystems, devices and modules and provides audio-visual display of synchronized video surveillance system with PIDS, ACS, alarm system, controlled gates etc., for real-time situation awareness, enhanced security management and ongoing event monitoring.


The ISS utilizes the proprietary InSite PSIM software for comprehensive site management, optimally paired with the SiteNet add-in to provide a unique cyber protected layer of data integrity and network monitoring, with real-time alert on any attempt to change or connect to Ethernet ports and devices within its network. The ISS can further accommodate and integrate customized external devices, while offering the operator advanced tools and features for simple and intuitive management of all security aspects, maintaining optimal balance between operational & logistical needs. ​

  • Real-time situation awareness, enhanced security management and ongoing event monitoring, displaying synchronized video surveillance system integrated with video analytics, PIDS, Laser Sensors, Power Fences, ACS, LPR, alarm panels and controlled gate arrays

  • Optimized balance between security protocols & logistical requirements

  • GIS-based display of the security events, enabling simple and intuitive situation management

  • Remote activation of security means and devices – right from the site map (e.g. doors, locks, sirens, lights etc.)

  • Continuous analysis and fusion of information flow from all integrated security modules and devices for synchronized operation.

  • Adapted ruling & conditioning of analysis parameters for optimized and automatic operation of security events

  • InSite APP – Complete mirroring of all data and features on mobile devices

  • Unique Cyber Protection features, providing real-time network monitoring and data integrity, providing automatic alert on changes in Ethernet ports of connected devices

  • Customized workflows and reports to ensure and follow security protocols and actions by the operator

Interfaced Modules and Devices:

Video Surveillance – Cameras, VMS & Video Analytics

Copy of Camera layout.JPG

Access Control & LPR Systems

Access Control & LPR Systems

Gates & Bollards – Protected Gate Arrays

Power Fences – POWER-SENS


Laser Sensors – LASER-SENS

Copy of LASER-SENS-Virtual-Wall.jpg
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