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Smart Fence Electronic Sensor System

The ideal intrusion detection system for rigid structures, metal bars and decorative fencing. The EL-SENS was specially developed and designed to match physical barriers that are different from standard mesh fences and require higher sensitivity, without compromising on detection level and esthetic appearance. Proprietary omnidirectional electronic sensors of the EL-SENS system provide 3-axis detection in pinpointed 3m resolution, with tube housing that enable esthetic deployment on decorative perimeters. The EL-SENS system is currently applied in airports, borders and prison protection projects of the highest level of security.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Best match to rigid structures and metal bar fences

  • Can be supplied in Tube or Box housing for optimal installation

  • Esthetic deployment and embedded installation in decorative fences

  • Adjustable 3m detection resolution

  • Omnidirectional detection (across 3 Axis)

  • Sensor level detection capability

  • Applicable for underground detection

  • Low power consumption

  • Certified immunity to extreme weather conditions and environmental factors




  • Airports & Airfields

  • Marine Ports

  • Railway & Train Stations

  • Parking Lots

Critical Infrastructure

  • Gas Network Substations & Storage Facilities

  • Oil farms & Refineries

  • Electric Power Stations

  • Water Recycle Facilities

  • Solar Farms


  • Prisons

  • Borders

  • Military Bases & Ammunition Depots   

  • Mega Events


  • BTS & Antenna Sites

  • VIP Residences  &      Condominiums

  • Industrial Parks & Logistic Centers

  • HQs & Institutions

EL-SENS Systems Deployed in Various Sites  

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