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Secured Entrance Complexes

As the key point of entry and the image of the entire facility, the main entrance gate must be secured at the highest level of technology and esthetics. EL-FAR offers a comprehensive security solution for the main entrance gate as well as for service and emergency gates in daily usage, combining biometric / RFID readers, LPR systems for vehicle authorization and monitoring, K4 to K8 level bollards, ATBs and arm barriers, UVSS scanners and automated access turnstiles.


Integrated ACS is controlled by the ISS to provide a clear image of personnel, visitor and vehicles status in real-time, with synchronized video surveillance and continuous monitoring.

Secured Entrance Complexes1.jpg
  • Advanced LPR systems

  • Heavy duty bollards & ATBs – K4 to K8 level

  • Automatic arm barriers

  • UVSS / UVIS – vehicle scanning

  • ACS Integrated Turnstiles

  • Biometric / RFID readers

Sectors & Applications

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