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Warehouse Protection System

The SPIDER-SENS system, uniquely developed and designed by EL-FAR to protect logistic warehouses and storage facilities, provides 24/7 monitoring and real-time detection of unauthorized access, breaching or intrusion on the walls, roofs or openings of warehouses, container, bunkers, armories and safe rooms. The system provides another layer of indoor security to the site perimeter, completely managed by the same InSite site management software application. The SPIDER-SENS combines a variety of proprietary sensor technologies, deployed in strategic points on the structure's walls, ceilings and roofs to detect intrusion patterns and unique patterns typical to burglary tools, such as rams, flame cutters, drills and discs, transmitted, analyzed, filtered and displayed in real time on the operator's security monitors.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Real-time alert and protection for unauthorized access from the roofs and walls

  • Combination of different sensors to comprise a complete operational solution

  • Detection of a variety of burglary tools & instruments

  • Safe use in volatile environment – Zero energy on the sensor level, all electronic components located externally

  • Sensitivity adjustment according to site-specific criteria and operational needs

  • Weather proof – filtering climate factors such as rain, wind, thunder etc.

  • Completely controlled by the perimeter system (InSite)

  • Easy and seamless interface with 3rd party security platforms

  • Simple and swift installation with minimal maintenance necessary




Storage Facilities



Bunkers and Safe Rooms

SPIDER-SENS Systems Deployed in Various Sites  

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