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Remote Site Protection System

The CU-07 is the ideal solution to secure a single or network of remote unmanned sites from a distanced control center, typical for telecommunication networks (BTS, Antenna & cellular sites etc.), radar and observation towers, various critical energy infrastructure (Gas PRMS & Distribution sites, SCADA & valves, solar stations etc.). The CU-07 is applied to manned small sites as well, from guard posts to private residences, as a more efficient alarm system, since it provides alert from the site perimeter, before entry to the secured premises. What makes it such an ideal solution is its simplicity and ease of use – essentially a non-computerized perimeter system, designed as a stand-alone plug-n-play system, with only a single control unit and sensor line, transmitting the detection data as relay to an alarm panel or a dry contact device to run on a local network.

Main Features & Benefits

  • A single Controller and sensor line per site – simple installation, zero maintenance

  • Entire site installed in a single day’s work

  • Dry contacts / RS-232 interface – no software necessary

  • Synchronized activation of interfaced devices: cameras, sirens, lights.

  • Certified immunity to extreme weather conditions and environmental factors – complies with the highest military grade standards

  • Unique ATEX certification – Intrinsically safe for application in highly volatile environment and hazardous areas



Critical Infrastructure

  • Gas Network Substations  & Storage Facilities

  • SCADA & Valves


  • Radar & Observation Towers 


  • BTS & Antenna Sites

  • VIP Residences  &      Condominiums

  • HQs & Institutions

CU-07 Systems Deployed in Various Sites  

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