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Smart Fence Vibration Sensor System

The VIPER is the most efficient intrusion detection system, converting a wide variety of physical barriers, mesh fences, concertina coils and walls to an indicative Smart Fence, capable of real time detection of attempts to overpass, damage, cut or short the perimeter. The VIPER system utilizes proprietary vibration sensors for default ±10m detection resolution, providing 20m alarm zones across the entire perimeter. The VIPER uses a single control unit for up to 1.5Km of sensor lines, with optional layout of up to 10Km on a single power & communication source.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Over 20 years of field proven experience in 34 countries over 5 continents

  • ±10m detection resolution with only a single controller every up to 1.5Km

  • Can cover up to 10Km on a single power source

  • Detection capability of up to 5m high fences using only a single sensor line

  • Easy and quick deployment & installation

  • Low and simple maintenance when necessary

  • Low power consumption – 5W/km on 24V DC power

  • Certified immunity to extreme weather conditions and environmental factors – complies with the highest military grade standards

  • Unique ATEX certification – Intrinsically safe for application in highly volatile environment and hazardous areas




  • Airports & Airfields

  • Marine Ports

  • Railway & Train Stations

  • Parking Lots

Critical Infrastructure

  • Gas Network Substations & Storage Facilities

  • Oil farms & Refineries

  • Electric Power Stations

  • Water Recycle Facilities

  • Solar Farms


  • Prisons

  • Borders

  • Military Bases & Ammunition Depots   

  • Mega Events


  • BTS & Antenna Sites

  • VIP Residences  &      Condominiums

  • Industrial Parks & Logistic Centers

  • HQs & Institutions

VIPER Systems Deployed in Various Sites  

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