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Your Complete Security Management System


Main Features & Benefits

  • In-house developed PSIM – a comprehensive software application for Physical Security Information Management, to optimize and balance security & logistical requirements

  • GIS-based display of security events, enabling simple and intuitive situation management

  • Analyzing and fusing the flow of information from various integrated security modules and devices, such as VMS, ACS, LPR, Power Fences, Laser Sensors, Alarm Panels etc.

  • Customized workflows and reporting to ensure and follow protocols and reaction steps by the operator

  • Customized ruling & conditioning of analysis parameters for optimized automatic operation of security events 

  • Remote activation of security means and devices right from the site map (e.g. doors, locks, sirens, lights etc.)

  • InSite APP – Complete mirroring of data and features on Android mobile devices

  • New – Unique Cyber Protection features, providing real-time alert on changes in Ethernet ports across connected devices

InSite Systems Deployed in Various Sites  

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